Research Division

Atmosphere and Hydrosphere Research Group

Hydrosphere Research Group

【Sea Ice, Ocean Climate, Marine Ecosystem, Ocean Acidification, Meteorology, Climate】 The environment and ecosystems in the Arctic are particularly sensitive to changing climate and unanticipated responses are already manifesting. We challenge to predict the effects on climate changes with understanding ocean and sea ice dynamics in the Arctic Ocean and adjacent seas through ship observation… View Article

Terrestrial Research Group

Terrestrial Research Group

We study the terrestrial ecosystem in the Arctic region and thereby explain its structure and influence on the global environment. We conduct on-the-spot surveys on carbon water cycle and permafrost, as well as researches on the dispersal and genetic diversity of large-sized mammals, fishes and plants, and their potential interactions with natural disasters. We also… View Article

Cryosphere Research Group

Cryosphere Research Group

[Greenland, glaciers and ice sheets, ice core, climate change] To investigate recent rapid changes and future evolution of the Greenland ice sheet and Arctic glaciers, we perform field and satellite observations and numerical simulations. We also analyze ice cores and snow samples to study changes in Arctic and global environment and climate conditions. Our researches… View Article

Practical Research Group

We assess economic and environmental impacts accompanied by the utilization of the Northern Sea Route. We also carry out an exhaustive research into cold district architecture ranging from large-sized port constructions to cold region housing in Hokkaido.

Social Science & Humanities Research Group

Arctic governance, resource development, environmental problems and indigenous people. We evaluate influences of climate change and economic development in the Arctic area on people’s life in this region. We consider international approaches of making rules and legal framework in order to control such influences. We are going to find out solutions of various problems by… View Article

Satellite Observation and Modeling Research Group

We tackle the big data science of the Arctic through advancing methods for real-time satellite observation and visualization of the data. We develop data assimilation systems utilizing the data amassed by satellites, and construct prediction models in order to support the sustainable development in the Arctic region.