Terrestrial Research Group

We study the terrestrial ecosystem in the Arctic region to explain its structure and influence on the global environment. We combine field surveys on the carbon water cycle and permafrost, with research on the dispersal and genetic diversity of large-sized mammals, fishes and plants, and their potential interactions with natural disasters. We also examine the volcanic activity and seismicity to understand their generation mechanisms in order to provide predictions.

Member List

Name Affiliated Post
Group Leader SUGIMOTO Atsuko Professor, Arctic Research Center
Group Sub Leader TSUYUZAKI Shiro Professor, Faculty of Environmental Earth Science
MASUDA Ryuichi Professor, Faculty of Science
FURUYA Masato Professor, Faculty of Science
HEKI Kosuke Professor, Faculty of Science
TEI Shunsuke Postdoctoral Researcher, Arctic Research Center
MIYAMOTO Yumiko Postdoctoral Researcher, Arctic Research Center
MOROZUMI Tomoki Researcher Fellow, Arctic Research Center
HAYASAKA Hiroshi Researcher, Arctic Research Center
CHIKITA Kazuhisa Researcher, Arctic Research Center
IWAHANA Go Foreign Research Associate, Arctic Research Center