Social Science & Humanities Research Group

Arctic governance, resource development, environmental problems and indigenous people. We evaluate the influence of climate change and economic development in the Arctic area on the life of people in this region. We consider international approaches for making rules and legal frameworks in order to control such influences. We aim at finding solutions to these problems through transdisciplinary research and direct involvement of regional stakeholders including indigenous people.

Member List

Name Affiliated Post
Group Leader OHNISHI Fujio Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Arctic Research Center
Group Sub Leader Juha Saunavaara Associate Professor, Arctic Research Center
KATO Hirofumi Professor, Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies
KOYANO Mari Professor, Graduate School of Law
HATTORI Michitaka Professor, Slavic-Eurasian Research Center
SHIRAIWA Takayuki Associate Professor, Institute of Low Temperature Science
Hyunjoo Naomi Chi Associate Professor, Faculty of Public Policy
TABATA Shinichiro Professor of Research Promotion, Arctic Research Center
HAYASHI Naotaka Overseas Researcher, Arctic Research Center