HU Heads for the Arctic

Director of ARC-HU
Hokkaido University lead on pioneering Arctic research began with Prof. Ukichiro Nakaya’s research on the glaciological ice cap in Greenland more than half a century ago (1957-1960). He is also credited for inventing the first artificial snowflakes and directed the oceanographic observations at Fletcher’s Ice Island in the Arctic Ocean conducted by Kusunoki, Higuchi and Muguruma. Kusunoki, along with five researchers from Hokkaido University, participated in the drift observation at an ice camp called ARLIS2, which was organized by the USA. This rich early history of Arctic research had to be put off due to the heightened interest toward the Antarctic research. However, today we have a new awakening of Arctic research at Hokkaido University where a new generation of talented multi-disciplinary researchers live up to Prof. Nakaya’s legacy. His study into the artificial snowflakes led to the foundation of Institute of the Low Temperature Science, and his legacy in Arctic research is being inherited by us, the Arctic Research Center. Hokkaido University is the northernmost university in Japan, therefore it is natural for us to “head for the north”. As a flagship center for the Arctic studies at Hokkaido University, we will push forward with determination to advance Arctic research and develop this center.