About ARC-HU

About ARC-HU

The Arctic and its adjacent region is highly sensitive to global warming. For example, the last 35 years have seen a decline of the summer Arctic sea ice extent by approximately two-thirds. This environmental change in the Arctic is not only affecting the climate and the ecosystems in the region but it is also directly related to global environmental changes through the water and atmospheric cycles. On the other hand, these changes in the Arctic environment are attracting growing economic and geopolitical interest given the enormous strategic importance of the Arctic and the vast amount of natural resources that are gradually becoming more accessible through northern sea routes as the sea ice retreats. Our aim is to work out solutions to global problems through comprehensive and integrated research on the Arctic in order to contribute towards the sustainable development and the conservation of the Arctic. For that purpose, we put together researchers of all fields in Hokkaido University, ranging from natural sciences to human and social sciences, so that we can advance cutting-edge and interdisciplinary research activities as well as exploratory studies. We also strive to facilitate international cooperation by unifying international exchanges concerning the Arctic research in the whole university. Interdisciplinary cooperation will be promoted by the governance of URA. In cooperation with the National Institute of Polar Research, and the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, we serve as a national center for Arctic Research, and contribute to policy making about the Arctic at national and international forums. Our vision at ARC-HU is to contribute towards the sustainable use and conservation of the Arctic region. This is articulated through the following three fields: 1.Promote advanced field research and expand international cooperation and network 2.Establish new Arctic science through trans-disciplinary approach 3.Promote cooperation and collaboration among Industry, Government and Academia

HU Heads for the Arctic

Director of ARC-HU
Hokkaido University lead on pioneering Arctic research began with Prof. Ukichiro Nakaya’s research on the glaciological ice cap in Greenland more than half a century ago (1957-1960). He is also credited for inventing the first artificial snowflakes and directed the oceanographic observations at Fletcher’s Ice Island in the Arctic Ocean conducted by Kusunoki, Higuchi and Muguruma. Kusunoki, along with five researchers from Hokkaido University, participated in the drift observation at an ice camp called ARLIS2, which was organized by the USA. This rich early history of Arctic research had to be put off due to the heightened interest toward the Antarctic research. However, today we have a new awakening of Arctic research at Hokkaido University where a new generation of talented multi-disciplinary researchers live up to Prof. Nakaya’s legacy. His study into the artificial snowflakes led to the foundation of Institute of the Low Temperature Science, and his legacy in Arctic research is being inherited by us, the Arctic Research Center. Hokkaido University is the northernmost university in Japan, therefore it is natural for us to “head for the north”. As a flagship center for the Arctic studies at Hokkaido University, we will push forward with determination to advance Arctic research and develope this center.


Hokkaido University Arctic Research Center
Kita-21 Nishi-11 Kita-ku, Sapporo, Japan 〒001-0021
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Access Map


● From New Chitose Airport to Japan Railway (JR) Sapporo Station

Railway (Rapid Airport) : 40 min.
Limousine bus : 70–80 min.

● From JR Sapporo Station to Creative Research Institution, Hokkaido University

Taxi : Depart from the JR Sapporo Station north exit and ride 10 min. via Kita 20-jo Higashi Gate.
Chuo Bus (西51,西71) : Ride 16 min. from JR Sapporo station, get off at Kita 21-jo Nishi 15-chome bus stop, and walk 5 min.
Subway : Ride 3 min. from JR Sapporo station on Namboku Subway Line, get off at Kita 18-jo station, and walk 20 min.
Campus bus (free) : Walk 10 min. from JR Sapporo station to the bus stop at the Hokkaido University main gate and ride the bus for 10 min. to the Creative Research Center “Sosei” bus stop. / more infomation about campus bus