Belmont Forum

The Belmont Forum is an international group of funding agencies and scientific organisations that are involved in support of global environmental change research, that aims to further accelerate and develop work in that field by mobilizing researchers and funding through international cooperation, in order to tackle the various challenges facing the sustainability of human society. The activities of the Belmont Forum comprise strengthening engagement among global research communities and improving coordination of strategies, priorities and funding of global change research.


This collaborative research project aims to synthesize and understand changing climate and response of marine ecosystem in Pacific – Arctic Ocean – Atlantic through examining the similarity and the difference of marine systems among the Pan-Arctic (the Arctic Ocean and adjacent subarctic seas).

RACArctic – Resilience and adaptive capacity of arctic marine systems under a changing climate.

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This collaborative research aims to pave a way to share the scientific information among scientists, local government and local people for choosing options for better lives of people. Carbon budget and emission from ecosystem and cities and villages on permafrost in east Russian Arctic will be estimated and useful information will be co-produced through the analyses with environment, population, and economic conditions.

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