Installation of our PM2.5 measurement system at Rakuno Gakuen University in Ebetsu City and about the start of observation.

On September 5, 2022, Dr. Yasunari (Associate Professor & Distinguished Researcher), of our center, in collaboration with Professor Noda (School of Veterinary Medicine) and Associate Professor Kenji Baba (College of Environmental Symbiosis) of Rakuno Gakuen University, installed a PM2.5 measurement system for cold regions on the roof of the central building of the university and began observing PM2.5. This instrument is a commercial version of the one that Associate Professor Yasunari has developed in collaboration with a research group at Nagoya University and is now sold by Tanaka Co., Ltd. Tanaka Co., Ltd. also provided support for the installation of the instrument this time. Currently, the Ministry of the Environment’s “Soramame-Kun” for the PM2.5 measurements is available at 13 stations in Sapporo but not in neighboring Ebetsu City. Therefore, this installation is expected to be used to evaluate air pollution by PM2.5 in Ebetsu City and provide valuable data for discussing air pollution measures in the city. Furthermore, because the measurement is performed at the university, the measured data would also be useful for educational usage.