“Arctic Research Center Monthly Seminar -June-” was held

We are reviving the ARC Monthly Seminar, which used to be held monthly before COVIS-19.


Date & Time Monday, June 27, 2022, 15:30-17:00
Place Seminar Rooms B and C, Sousei Bldg. 4F
Method Hybrid
Participant 26 people (including 6 online)
Lecturer 1:
Shotaro Uto
Presentation Title:
Ice Engineering Research in ARC-HU
– My activities in the last 12 months –
I review and summarize the activities in the last 12 months after I joined Arctic Research Center, Hokkaido University. Among them, I introduce the latest reseach related to the navigability assassment of ships in ice waters and discuss the possibility toward the comprehensive assessment of ice navigation from safety and navigability aspects.
Lecturer 2:
Fujio Ohnishi
Presentation Title:
Rethinking the internationality of Arctic politics:
how much does the Ukraine crisis impact on Arctic politics?
This presentation discussed possible mechanisms through which international affairs such as the War in Ukraine would affect politics among Arctic nations. First, it reviewed the existing literature related to the topic, and then it stressed potential improvements in the current undederstanding. From the floor, there were several questions and comments. One of which pointed out similarities of such mechanism in international politics of outer space and recommended to compare the Arctic-global interacting mechanism with those.