A book that Associate Professor Taka Hirata (HU ARC) was a contributing author was published.

Advances in Phytoplankton Ecology, First Edition, Elsevier, ISBN: 9780128228616

Description quoted from ScienceDirect:
Phytoplankton ecology has developed from an understanding of taxonomy, species dynamics and functional roles, and species interactions with the surrounding environment. New and emerging technologies enable a paradigm shift in the ways we monitor and understand phytoplankton in a range of environments. Advances in Phytoplankton Ecology: Applications of Emerging Technologies is a practical guide to these new technologies and explores their application with case studies to show how recent advances have changed our understanding of phytoplankton ecology.

Part one of this book explores how traditional taxonomy and species identification has changed, moving from morphological to molecular techniques. Part two explores the new technologies for remote and automatic monitoring and sensor technology and applications for management. Part three explores the explosion of omics techniques and their application in species identification, functional populations, trait characterization, interspecific interactions, and interaction with their environment.

This book is an invaluable guide for marine and freshwater ecology researchers to how new technologies can enhance our understanding of phytoplankton ecology.