Scientists of ARC-HU gave oral and poster presentation in the PICES Annual meeting

  • 2018.11.5

Our colleagues of ARC-HU gave the following oral and poster presentations in 27th PICES Annual Meeting which was held in Workpia, Yokohama, Japan, from October 25 to November 4, 2018. Director Saitoh was co-convener both in Workshop W2 and Session S11.

Workshop W2: MONITOR/FIS Workshop
PICES contribution to Central Arctic Ocean (CAO) ecosystem assessment (Second)

Xiaoyang Li, Natsuhiko Otsuka, Sei-Ichi Saitoh
Characteristics of environmental risks caused by navigation
of the Central Arctic Ocean
Fujio Ohnishi
Improvement or deviation? Assessing the agreement on
unregulated fishing in the Central Arctic Ocean from the
perspective of international politics

Session S11: Influence of climate and environmental variability on pelagic and forage species

Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Irene D. Alabia et al.
Practical procedure for potential fishing zone prediction of neon flying squid (Ommastrephes bartramii) in the north western North Pacific
Irene D. Alabia, Jorge García Molinos, Sei-Ichi Saitoh et al.
Biogeographic patterns of marine communities in the Pacific Arctic under a warming ocean
Masahide Kaeriyama
Influence of climate warming for migration, growth and survival of Japanese chum salmon in the North Pacific Ocean and the Okhotsk Sea

General Poster Session:
Jorge García Molinos
VoCC: A new R package for calculating the velocity of climate change and related landscape climatic metrics