Publications – Governance in Greenland

  • 2016.3.18

Minori Takahashi, Research Fellow of Slavic-Eurasian Research Center, published two articles which deal with governance in Greenland. As a part of ArCS project, he is also studying indigenous people in Greenland and how their way of life is influenced by the changing natural environment.
See the followings for more detailed information about the publications.

TAKAHASHI, Minori (2016). Greenland, the Island of Military Bases: Negotiations for Turning the Island into a Missile Defense Stronghold. The Journal of Island Studies, 17(1), pp.47-65.

TAKAHASHI, Minori (2016). The Politics of the Right to Self-Determination: Reframing the Debate on Greenland’s Autonomy. Eurasia Border Review, 6(1), pp.25-43.