Dr. Sei-Ichi Saitoh received the Uda Prize of the Oceanographic Society of Japan.

  • 2022.9.12

Dr. Sei-Ichi Saitoh, Professor Emeritus and former Director, received the Uda Prize of the Oceanographic Society of Japan in the fall meeting held in Nagoya University on September 5, 2022. His title of award is “Promotion of oceanographic research and Arctic research using satellite remote sensing”. The Uda Prize Commemorating the late Professor Michitaka Uda, the Uda Prize is awarded to a member of the Society who has contributed notably to the progress in oceanography, by showing remarkable leadership in a research group, or by playing outstanding roles in educational outreach or in technical supports. A few prizes are awarded annually. This is second Uda Award for him, he received another Uda Award of Japanese Society of Fisheries Oceanography (JSFO) in 2014. The JSFO Uda Award was established in 1996 to honor a scientist who had made a significant contribution to the field of Fisheries Oceanography.