Arctic Research Center Regular and Special Seminar

Date Speaker Title
Nov 5 Professor Kenji Yoshikawa,Water and Environmental Research Center, Institute of Northern Engineering, University of Alaska Fairbanks Activities of Thematic Network on Permafrost, University of the Arctic and Polar Exploration History of Hokkaido University
Oct 19 Senior Researcher.Espíritu Aileen Aseron,Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, UiT The Arctic, University of Norway Futuring Arctic Urban Sustainability: considerations of human and environmental security
[special seminar]
Oct 19 Senior Researcher.Hein Rune Skjoldal,Institute of Marine Research Bergen, Norway Spatial and temporal changes in the Barents Sea pelagic compartment during the recent warming
[special seminar]
Oct 17 Research Professor.George L. Hunt,Jr,School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences University of Washington, Seattle, U.S.A. Effects of seasonal sea ice cover on the structure of the eastern Bering Sea food web
[special seminar]
Sep 5 Prof.Trofim MAXIMOV,Institute for Biological Problems of Cryolithozone SD RAS, Yakutsk, Russia, BEST Center of North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk, Russia
The Permafrost-dominated Ecosystems in a Changing Climate
July 4 Sean Desjardins, Ph.D., SSHRC Postdoctoral Researcher, Arctic Centre, Research Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen, Netherlands At the intersection of tradition and subsistence: contemporary walrus hunting in Alaska and Arctic Canada
July 3 Prof. Amy Lauren Lovecraft, Department of Political Science, University of Alaska Fairbanks Legal framework and legislation concerning indigenous people in Alaska
June 13 Assoc. prof. Svein-Erik Sveen, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Narvik Campus Frozen ground engineering and cold weather concreting in areas subjected to seasonal and permafrost
June 5 Prof. Ben Fitzhugh, Anthropology, Director, Quaternary Research Center, University of Washington Exploring a climate-ecosystem link to prehistoric human population change around the North Pacific Rim See attached program
May 17 Dr. Julien Seguinot, Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology, ETH Zürich, Switzerland modelling of last glacial cycle ice dynamics in the Alps
Apr 17 Dr.Jorge Molinos Can management compensate for the effects of climate change on global fisheries?
Mar 28 Prof. Toshitaka Takeuchi, Dept. of Global Affairs, Kyoto University China’s Arctic Policy and its Prospect (tentative)
[special seminar]
Mar 26 Dr.Tuyara Gavrilyeva, ARC Appointed Professor, North-East Federal University COPERA project: Carbon budget of ecosystems and cities and villages on permafrost in eastern Russian Arctic.
Feb 16 Mr. Tomoki Ozawa Fishery resource management in the High Sea of the Central Arctic
Ocean -institutions and their problems-
中央北極海公海部分における漁業資源管理 ~制度とその問題点~
Feb 15 Dr. Tuyara Gavrilyeva, M.K.Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University The anthropogenic impact into the greenhouse gases emission in Yakutia:
retrospective assessment, regression model and carbon regulation policy
[special seminar]
Jan 11 Dr. Daria Gritsenko, University of Helsinki Arctic 100 Expedition- experiencing Arctic shipping along the NWP
[special seminar]
Dec 22 Dr. Hayasaka Hiroshi Recent Vegetation Fires in Russia and the Southern Sakha
Dr. Kazuhisa Chikita Thermal regime of a subarctic deep lake in response to climate change and volcanic activity
Dr. Evgeniy Podolskiy To the "Third Pole": Expedition to Nepal Himalaya
Dec 18 Dr. Joonkoo Yoo, Dr. Sangmin Shim, Ms. Hyun Ji Jun, Ms. Jihye Yoon, Center for International Law, Korea National Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Seoul, Korea
Dr. Fujio Ohnishi
Dr. Juha Saunavaara
International seminar on the Arctic research collaboration between Korea and Japan: Leading cross country and disciplinary research
[special seminar]
Nov 7 Dr. Naoya Kanna Glacier-ocean interaction: oceanographic observations in fjord near a calving front of Bowdoin Glacier, northwest Greenland
Dr. Li Xiaoyang Self and research introduction, -stable isotopes of precipitation in Hokkaido and sea ice condition along Northern Sea Route-
Dr. Yuko Shirai About UArcti
Oct 12 Dr. Daiki Sakakibara Floods of a proglacial stream in Qaanaaq, northwestern Greenland
Dr. Takuto Ando Evaluation of aerosol composition changes in the last 60 years around? SE Greenland
Dr. Yuko Shirai Self-introduction
Sept 8 Dr. Motohisa Abe Research interests and plans at ARC
Dr. Shunsuke Tei Report on field survey 2017 in Northeastern Siberia
18 July Prof. Natsuhiko Otsuka Challenge to the Arctic container shipping, scenario of vessel operation
21 June Dr. Irene Alabia Distribution shifts of demersal fish under contemporary climate changes
Dr. Yumiko Miyamoto Forest soil carbon dynamics in permafrost regions of northeastern Siberia
31 May –
1 June
Dr. Alexander Kononov
1 Institute for Biological Problems of Cryolithozone Sakha Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences
2 M.K.Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University
Prof. Natsuhiko Otsuka
Prof. Atsuko Sugimoto
A special seminar on “Sakha Republic – Geography, ecosystem, society, and cooperative activity with Hokkaido University”
[special seminar]
8 May Dr. Hiroshi Hayasaka Forest fires in the boreal and tropical forest
Prof. Abe Motoshisa Self-introduction and study in the Arctic Research Center
Dr. Ando Takuto Self-introduction: A tiny paleontologist meets Arctic research
Dr. Fujio Onishi Self-introduction
Dr. Kazuhisa Chikita Self-introduction
Mr. Tomoki Ozawa Self-introduction
19 Apr Dr. Hyoung Chul Shin, Korea Polar Research Institute Evolving Korean Arctic research and cases for collaboration
[special seminar]
11 Apr Dr. Jorge Molinos With a little help from my friends: ocean currents, climate change and biogeographical shifts
Feb 17 Dr. Andrew R. Mahoney (Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska
Sea Ice in the "New" Arctic
  Dr. Andrey Pnyushkov (International Arctic Research Center, University
of Alaska Fairbanks)
Oceanographic observations target shift to the "new" state of the
Arctic Ocean
6 Feb Dr. Arild Moe(Senior Research Fellow), Fridtjof Nansen Institute, Norway Arctic energy developments – with a special view on Russia
[special seminar]
Dr. Juha Saunavaara How the Development of Hokkaido is bound to the Arctic and other Northern States and Regions
Jan 10 Dr. Minori Takahashi Boundaries, Regulations and EU Norms: Analyzing Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling in the Danish Territory of Greenland
Dr. Evgeniy Podolskiy Deciphering language of greenlandic icequakes
Dec 12 Dr. Shunsuke Tei Spatial heterogeneity in sensitivity of forest productivity to climate change over circum-arctic forests: tree-ring analysis and modeling approaches
Dr. Yumiko Miyamoto Estimating soil carbon fluxes in the permafrost regions in eastern Siberia
Nov 4 Dr. Naoya Kanna Ocean Observations near Marine-Terminating Glacier Front in Northwest Greenland
Dr. Daiki Sakakibara Glaciological observations in the Qaanaaq region, northwestern Greenland in 2016
Oct 3 Mr. Xun Zhang Sea ice decline and 21st century trans-Arctic shipping routes. (paper review)
Dr. Irene Arabia Bioclimatic velocity for walleye pollock in the Bering Sea
Sep 5 Five ARC members Introductory Seminar: Self-introduction and research activities
Prof. Masato Tanaka, Prof. Natsuhiko Otsuka, Dr. Minori Takahashi, Dr. Daiki Sakakibara, Dr. Naoya Kanna,
Jul 4 Eight ARC members Introductory Seminar: Self-introduction and research activities
Director Sei-Ichi Saito, Dr. Yasushi Fukamachi, Dr. Atsuko Sugimoto, Dr. Jorge Molinos, Dr. Shunsuke Tei, Dr. Yumiko Miyamoto, Dr. Irene Arabia, Mr. Xun Zhang

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